Spouses and partners of sex addicts: You are not alone

When compulsive sexual behaviors take over family life, personal and professional priorities, and social or communal activities, and lock out meaningful connection between spouses or partners, the wives, husbands or partners of the sex addict often feel alone, abandoned, and powerless.

To be a spouse or partner of a sex addict, who is in the grips of an affair, a pornography addiction, or anonymous sexual behavior (to name a few), is not a comfortable place to be. Often times, feelings of shame, guilt, anger, sadness, and rage surface. Such feelings are uncomfortable and painful, and alternatives to not feeling these feelings are sought out.

You do not need to feel alone on your journey to healing your trauma and pain. Dallas offers many 12-step fellowships, where you can find solace in knowing that there are others, who have travelled the same path, and are now serene and healing. There are support groups for spouses and partners of sex addicts, where you can find a place to grow, be supported, and find your voice as  you heal your trauma and explore who you want to be going forward.

When it seems most dark, there is always light, you have to reach out and walk towards it. Find support and guidance, and know that you are not alone.