How trauma affects your life

When we experience an event that causes our nervous system to engage the flight or fight response, and we cannot complete this response, trauma occurs in a freeze response. Trauma is something that happens too fast too soon for the brain to process, and can cause somatic, emotional, and behavioral symptoms that affect our daily life.

People, who have experienced trauma, suffer from flashbacks, anxiety, elevated levels of adrenaline, hypervigilance, depression, chronic fatigue, emotional shut-down, mobility issues, somatic problems, and dissociation, to name a few of the possible symptoms arising from trauma. Longitudinal research has shown that childhood trauma can cause certain adult diseases.

You do not need to live with these symptoms, and better still, trauma can be resolved and healed through the noninvasive psychobiological therapy of Somatic Experiencing®. When we can be present with our somatic feelings and sensations in the here and now, we help our nervous system complete the flight or fight response, and reorganize our nervous system through discharge of the trauma.

Trauma resolution and healing can lead to a life free from pain, flashbacks, dissociation, fear, depression, and stress. With Somatic Experiencing®, it  can be done without narrating the traumatic event and in a safe environment.