Family Counseling for Family Issues or Family Conflict

Are you tired of your family constantly fighting and arguing? Do you wonder how your family suddenly has become unhappy or stuck in a pattern of conflict? Are you feeling as though you are parenting like your parent? Do you wish some family members would address their compulsive behaviors or addiction? Have you noticed some of your family members struggling with depression or anxiety, when they were previously happy or relaxed? Are you a parent struggling with your teenager's change in attitude or behaviors? Is there always someone else who blames everybody for his/her problems? Do you feel challenged as a parent, and wish you had more tools and awareness to parent your children effectively?

It is not unusual for families to become stuck or go through periods of chaos and unpredictability, often disrupting family life and the routines of the family members in the system. When family systems become destabilized by some events, actions on the part of family members, or external experiences, it can be very frightening, confusing, and complex. Family members may resort to compulsive behaviors or change their behaviors in order to cope with the new changes. This can only exacerbate the issues underlying the change  that was caused in the first place.

Family therapy, based on Family Systems Therapy, can provide guidance, support, and insight into the relational patterns of the family system. Relational patterns are governed by the emotional, behavioral, spiritual, and cognitive experiences of the members of the family. Family therapy explores family of origin issues, unresolved transgenerational trauma and relational issues, current issues with how family members relate and communicate, and parenting issues. The purpose of family therapy is to coach and guide family members so that they can begin to identify when they are acting in an unhealthy way within the system, and how they can stop the cycle of dysfunction, so as to provide their children with an environment where they can thrive.

Dallas Family Center, in Flower Mound, TX, offers Parenting Support Groups, to provide guidance and support to parents, who are seeking new ways to interact and relate to their children, that will be effective and loving, and promote healthy relationships.

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