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Gretchen "Greta" Hentsch-Cowles

M.S., Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist - Associate

Somatic Experiencing®, Advanced Level

Greta completed her Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy at Texas Woman's University. She is a member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, is a Somatic Experiencing® Advanced Participant, and has completed the Gottman Level 1 Training.

Greta's clinical experience includes, but is not limited to, working with families, individuals, and couples facing substance abuse, codependency, PTSD/trauma, co sex-addiction, infidelity, legal and/or financial issues, co-addiction, compulsive behaviors, and life-course problems in the family. Greta has trained with known Somatic Experiencing faculty member and therapist, Maggie Kline, co-author of "Trauma proofing your kids" and "Trauma through a child's eyes". Greta's treatment approach is fundamentally rooted in Family Systems Therapy, whereby each member of the family is considered to play a role in the emotional, behavioral, and relational patterns within the family system. This approach allows for every member of the family to make changes and heal, never identifying a single member as the scapegoat or "identified patient". She follows the work of Pia Mellody, Patrick Carnes, Bessel van der Kolk, Dan Siegel, and John Bradsahw closely to support her research and therapeutic style.

Greta specializes in working with couples, who are struggling with sexual compulsivity, affairs, trauma, deception, infidelity, pornography compulsivity, internet addiction, and the consequences of the behavior of the sexual addict on the spouse and children within the family. Greta will support the spouse of the sex addict through her/his pain and trauma, and act as a coach to guide the spouse and couple towards a healthy and intimate relationship. Greta has trained with John Gottman, Ph.D., renowned couples therapist and researcher, author of "Why marriages succeed and fail" and "The seven principles for making marriage work", and has completed the Gottman Level 1 Training.

Greta's treatment approaches are guided by her personal experiences and understanding of recovery as well as her theoretical and clinical training. As a result of her own personal growth in recovery, Greta is compassionate and understanding all the while capable of challenging and coaching her clients in their recovery. Families and/or couples naturally become stuck, frustrated, or experience events that are destabilizing and painful. These life experiences are opportunities for individual and relational growth and healing. Problems can be effectively addressed when an integrated approach to therapy is adopted. Her therapeutic approach explores the emotional, cognitive, behavioral, and somatic systems, wherein unresolved past issues reside and may often cause present life problems.

Bilingual in French and English.

Glen Jennings, Ed.D., LMFT-S
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