Group Therapy

Group therapy has been shown over the decades to be an effective form of therapy for individuals, couples, and families. The group setting offers individuals the potential to resolve issues and process feelings and thoughts in a non-judgmental and supportive setting.

When the group focuses on a particular issue, people can feel more comfortable in knowing that they are not alone, and others share similar struggles and feelings. It is this dynamic that allows for growth, as group therapy encourages, supports, and challenges individuals to increase their awareness and transform themselves.

You Are Not Alone...


The Dallas Family Center offers recovery groups in the following areas:

  • Spouses of Sex Addicts Recovery Group: heal your trauma and empower your life.
  • Trauma Resolution Group: find support, safety, and mending with others, who are healing their trauma.
  • Parenting Group: learn about the stages of emotional and physical development, setting boundaries, healthy coping skills, and share with others in a supportive and safe place your frustrations and challenges.
  • Couples Recovering from Sex Addiction and Infidelity: communicate and grow vulnerably together.
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For more information on these groups, please contact us.